Everything that ever was and ever will be is here with us now, the form may have changed but the essence of whom or what it once was still remains. In the Shamanic traditions it is referred to as non-ordinary reality and ordinary reality. As a psychic medium my role is to divine information for a client from the invisible world. This goes hand in hand with my Shamanic practice.

In this work I am called upon to be an open channel for spirits that are stuck in the middle world unable to move on from life as it once was now that they died. I am also called to work with land spirits to bring harmony and peace between people and nature living together.

The work as a psychic medium can be a reading on the phone or a reading on site. On site visit or conducted on a sliding scale that will be determined during the initial contact.


Appointments are made in advanced, leave a phone message at 802-999-8860 or by email lesleynase@moonspinnersenterprise.com Photographs of the deceased loved one or the house/land is nice although not necessary for the reading. Readings are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST.


Travel is within a reasonable distance, with the cost of travel added to the onsite fee. Sessions can be arranged by phone 802-999-8860 or by email lesleynase@moonspinnersenterprise.com. Click here to book a session.


Discover you hidden talents - $10 per person

This workshop is designed to explore your own psychic talents through a series of exercises that will unlock your unique skill set. We all have a different way of being in the world, some of us are visual, some auditory and others have an innate sense of knowing. This 2 hour workshop will help you to discover your talents and give you ways to expand. A minimum of 12 people is required for this workshop. Click here to book.